Your financial security is important, which is why if you are considering filing for bankruptcy that you will need to select legal representation to ensure you’re taken care of. Good bankruptcy attorneys are far and few between so it may be difficult to find someone right away to handle your case. The following are a list of things you should be looking for when selecting the right attorney to handle your Georgia bankruptcy case.

Experience in Bankruptcy Law and Filing Bankruptcy Cases
You should make sure that the legal representation you are selecting has several years previous experience, has graduated from law school, and has passed the bar in the state in which they are practicing law. In a worse case scenario you may be intending to hire an attorney straight out of law school or someone practicing without an actual law license. Ask the attorney how many cases they have filed; how many they have managed; and how long they have been filing cases. These are important questions and you deserve to know how experienced your bankruptcy attorney is.

Shows An Active Interest in Your Bankruptcy Case
You should look for an attorney that demonstrates a sincere and active interest in your case. For example, some bankruptcy attorneys tend to mentally lump all their cases – no matter the unique differences into broad categories of kinds of cases. While this may make it easier for the attorney to mentally organize their case load, it is not in the client’s best interest. The best way to avoid this is to find an attorney that see the uniqueness of your case and shows an interest in its differences and is eager to work on the case.

They Can Take Your Phone Calls and Respond to Your Emails
Going along with an “active interest” in your case, look for a bankruptcy attorney that can take your phone call. It is to be expected that your bankruptcy attorney may have to return your phone call or email; but this should be done in a timely manner. Your bankruptcy attorney’s office should have a standing and enforced policy concerning timely and fast communication with clients. Ask about the firm’s policy – if they have one and what is it?

They are also Detailed Oriented
If your counsel appears to want to just go over the main points in an initial consultation then they are not the right attorney for you. A good bankruptcy attorney will ask very precise and detailed questions. In a bankruptcy every small or minute detail matters and failure to identify small details can have great negative impacts in the bankruptcy.

They are Successful in the Field of Bankruptcy Law
If possible you should research to determine your attorney’s bankruptcy success rates. If they have a hard time keeping clients or have failed in several cases then you may want to consider hiring someone with better reviews. A successful attorney will be confident in handling your case and will be able to stop harassments by creditor; as well as, putting anxieties and unanswered questions to rest.

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